The Western Pacific Railroad only had 10 of these cars, they were the second order of Pullman Standard 40' Boxcars to be added to their fleet, the colors were reversed from the original lettering scheme of a Silver Body with an Orange Feather to an Orange Body with a Silver Feather, cars were painted with Black Ends, and Orange Roof. These cars were painted with an Orange color called International Airport Orange made by Dupont from their Duco series brand of paints. According to an Expert Modeler and Railroad Historian Frank Brehm we are the ONLY company that got the International Airport Orange correct representing this prototype. To do this project, Railroad Innovations purchased copies of original documents from the Illinois Railway Museum to make this car possible. Railroad Innovations features 3 different car numbers 1963, 1965 and 1970. Car number 1965 will feature a different RE-PACK date on the model in accordance to a in-service photo provided by a Western Pacific expert, it was serviced at OGEN, UTAH in 1955 by the Southern Pacific Railroad with the "SP" stenciling applied to the tab.

Product Review from Frank Brehm

More Pullman-Standard 40-foot boxcars were placed in service on the WP in 1954. These cars were class XML cars, numbered 1961-1970, and were built under WP AFE 156-53 to Pullman-Standard Specification #8160 and featured the same type of cushion underframe as 1952 and 1953. These cars however were painted solid orange with black lettering and a large silver feather running diagonally across the sides of the car from top to bottom. Above the feather on the right side appeared the slogan, "Shock Protected Freight." The car features the correct 8 foot door. The car comes painted in the correct International Airport Orange with black ends, trucks. The orange paint is the correct shade of International Airport Orange as used by the WP. They have the correct ASF-A3 ride control trucks.

These cars are Extremely Limited to 100 cars for each road number. Price is $40.00 per car plus shipping or $115 for the set plus shipping. I accept Paypal, Money Orders.
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