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Monon Black & Yellow Experimental Boxcar HISTORY:


Special Prototype Features

One thing we noticed in our research was each railroad has their own unique stenciling style especially in the CAPY. LDLMT. and LT.WT. so we have decided to make our Monon cars match the stenciling style in the data from a photo of a Monon Experimental Boxcar as indicated from a in-service photo acquired by Railroad Innovations used with permission from Bob's Photos (above).

On July of 1958, the Monon Railroad wanted to test some new brake pads made by the ACME Brake Company. When these cars were rebuilt, the Monon installed the pads and added the brake test stenciling on the lower right side above the truck as indicated in the photo. These boxcars will have the ACME Brake stenciling applied to all the cars for a more authentic appearance.

The Monon Boxcar will feature the accurate stenciling style for the slogan THE HOOSIER LINE in the proper size and location with the correct spacing between the rail in the logo and the top of the slogan.


These Factory Assembled Custom Printed 1937 AAR Boxcars will be exclusively made for Railroad Innovations and will be proudly produced by Intermountain Railway, they will be painted black with safety yellow stenciling. All car numbers 9025, 9095 and 9107 will come with Factory Installed Kadee® #5 Couplers and Intermountain Metal Wheels Sets, and numbers 9202, 9294, 9212 and 9440 will come with Kadee #5 Couplers and WALTHER'S National B-1 Trucks and Metal Wheels. The run will be 7 different numbers, 50 cars of each number.

Railroad Innovations has teamed up with the The Monon Historical Society, according to the MHS Board of Directors, these cars are selling well. Get them before they sell out, they will not be released ever again once they are gone.

On July of 1958 the Monon wanted to rebuild some of their 1937 AAR boxcars that needed repairs and new paint, the Monon Railroad decided to see what the cars would look like in black with yellow lettering, so where there was white lettering on the original oxide red boxcars, using the same stenciling and stenciling locations, they painted the lettering safety yellow on a black body. These cars were rebuilt in 7 different numbers 9025, 9095, 9107, 9202, 9294, 9412 and 9440 at Lafayette Shops in Indiana, they were rebuilt in 2 different groups. Group one had a 10-41 built date for car numbers 9025, 9095 and 9107 with ASF trucks and Group 2 had a 4-42 built date for car numbers 9202, 9294, 9412 and 9440 with National Malleable B-1 Trucks. These cars will represent both shop date and National B-1 Trucks on the model for a more accurate prototype appearance.