Railroad Innovations is proud to announce that Athearn has re-considered to allow us to resume this H40 Airslide as our future release, we are excited to announce 3 different numbers, not sure how many for each lettering scheme as of yet, but we will be doing both lettering schemes. We have went to extreme depth in our research and spoke to expert modelers and the Pennsylvania Railroad Modeling Society to ensure that each car number will have the correct NEW/BLT dates and Return Stenciling for either Milwaukee or Toledo. Thank you for looking, If you have any questions, please contact us at:

***NOTE*** The quality of the research we do is only in the painting and printing, as we use other model train companies plastic shells, there will be some areas in the shell that may not make the model 100% correct with railroad specifications. But as far as the lettering, and printing locations, we strive to have that in the proper locations, fonts, and size to what each model train company can do for us. Keep in mind that some of the small fonts can not be represented on our products in railroad stenciling fonts due to other companies programs in their computer systems. Like other small custom model train business, we can only work with what is provided. Thank you for your understanding, and please enjoy the hobby as much as we do today.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please feel free to contact us at:

Intermountain Railway has chosen to CANCEL this 1 of a kind Western Pacific Timken Boxcar due to errors made by the Intermountain Railway Management Team after a request was made to re-run the cars due to the errors not meeting with our standard for quality. Frank the owner of Intermountain Railway has chosen to fix the errors they created on these cars and sell these cars under their brand name without my permission violating the Copyright Infringement Law and Breaching of Contract with Railroad Innovations to have these cars produced for Railroad Innovations in factory new condition. We encourage Intermountain's customers not to purchase these cars through Intermountain as Railroad Innovations does not receive any compensation for the sales from these cars. When Railroad Innovations asked Frank about compensation for selling my project without my permission, my request was denied. We have decided to never do business with Intermountain Railway as their actions were received unprofessionally.